DESTROY Architects is a leading top architectural firm and has received dozens of international design awards, including the Global Design Awards. On behalf of today's world's most advanced design ideas. DESTROY architectural design firm covers areas such as architectural design, urban planning, landscape design, space design and other fields. Its design architectural types include art galleries, museums, commercial buildings, residential architectural design, landscape design, bridges, squares, landscape, religion, office buildings and other public buildings in many areas. Resonance works have been around Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing and other international metropolis. Works by Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Britain, Germany and many other museums and art museum collection. The design of architectural design includes architectural design, landscape design, art museum architectural design, museum building design,commercial building, theater concert hall architectural design, urban planning and design, exhibition center design, factory, urban transportation hub design, residential building design, villa architecture Design, hotel architectural design, landscape design, landscape design, bridges, squares, religious church architectural design, office building design and many other areas. 

    The DESTROY Architects team consists of architects, researchers, landscape architects, building structural engineers, and industrial designers. Creativity in the ideological point of the high point of flying, through, to see the new picture, toward the continuous progress of the curve to the future. DESTROY architecture has never been the standard knowledge of the grasp of things, it is in the concept and performance of a high degree of experimental and subversive, this time, space jump to subvert the mainstream building. The building must move towards the establishment of new cultural ideas or new cultural patterns, thereby changing the ideological structure of the detainees in some ways. Let us start with a paradox on the work of DESTROY reflection it: it is the most universal, but also the most unique. Called "concrete universality", it is specific because of specific time and space, and because of universal and universal. It explores everything, has absolute universality; but its internal existence of distinctive culture and national uniqueness. In other words, there are a number of design stages defined by space and time in the history of architecture, and we may call them architectural moments. DESTROY Architecture Exhibition "The Universal Declaration - the most ambitious architectural plan in human history" was held in LENS SPACE, New York. DESTROY building to create a new way to explore the universe, the "Declaration of the universe" is not only about the concept of revolutionary architecture, but also a search for avant-garde thinking of the universe.